Mobvista CPMs and fill?

Thinking of trying them out. Could anyone comment on their CPM rates and fill rate for Southeast Asia (China, India, etc.)?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: Looking at integration doc…is Mobvista just a mediating sdk for Admob, Mobfox and Startapp??

Stay away horrible ecpm rates worse than senddroid’s 10 cent ecpm rates as mobvista only gives me 2 cent ecpm rates.

Tried them before and their fill rate is not good then I switched to MobileCore

What is your geo? Select network based on your traffic geo…


We base in China and focus on Southeast Asia so that the fill rate is good (average eCPM $3).Yes,as you see,we provide Mediation for Admob,StartApp,Mobfox and Chartboost.

I’d like to send you the integration doc,thanks

Hi romel,what’s the version of SDK you tried?

I tried mobvista week ago, even worse than leadbolt.

Hi,onlun99,what’s your Geo?Please send me your account,we’ll check it,thanks