Hi guys,

does anyone have any experience with MobPartner ( They are a CPA ad network but I can’t find their eCPM data. However, they have some kind of “Live Transactions” data on their website and revenues are from $0.60 to $2.00. Looks good.

By the way, do you generally have better experience with CPC (like AdMob) or CPA and networks?


There are some campaigns ~$15, but don’t forget: you’ll be paid per lead/action. Standart CTR ~3%, and only 1.5-2%% of this 3% will be paid. Also, you must implement very accurate targeting: all campaigns are geotargeted, some of them targeted for specified cell.operator etc…

Hi! Yeah, I’ll stick with AdMob for now and try MobPartner later. CTR’s are at least consistent and you get paid for every click.