MobLyft — High Fill Rates,High ECPM’s, Integrated Mediation, And Higher Revenue.

About MobLyft:
Moblyft is an app developer monetization platform that connects with the leading ad networks,ad exchanges,DSP’s, and direct advertisers through one single SDK.

We have partnered with the leading native video and interstitials ad networks like GoogleAdX,Admob,UnityAds,Vungle,Appnexus,NativeX,Rubicon,OpenX,Smaato,Fyber,Mopub,Chartboost,Applovin, and Facebook to allow app developers to serve ads and receive payments from these leading ad networks and ad exchanges using a single SDK and platform.

We also have direct relationships with the top mobile app advertisers which allows us to generate industry leading CPM’s for app developers.

Supported Placements:
Supports Interstitials, videos (both rewarded and non-rewarded).




High CPM’s for Interstitials and Video:
Our Rewarded and NonRewarded video ads can help you generate up to $12 CPMs and our interstitials can help you generate up to $8 CPMs depending on the country.

High Fill Rates for Interstitials and Video:
As soon as you sign up, you will automatically get connected to the leading ad networks, ad exchanges and demand sources such as Google AdX, AdMob, AppLovin, Vungle,Facebook, Chartboost, Adcolony, AppNexus, Rubicon and many more.

We also have direct relationships with the leading mobile app advertisers which allow us to generate industry leading CPMs and fill rates for our app developers.

***** Please allow 3-5 days for our platform to fully optimize your inventory and start generating maximum CPM’s and fill rates for your app *****

Payments Options:

Prepaid Debit Card
Global Bank Transfer


MobLyft, LLC. is headquartered in New York.

Please feel free to ask me questions and provide feedback.

Please tell the payment net? When do the payment pay?


Here is a link to our payment terms.

Payment Terms ? Moblyft ? Support

Let us know if you have any other questions.

“Moblyft pays developers their revenue earned from ad units in a monthly payment cycle; payments are issued by net 45. For example: for October’s activity, you will be paid by December 15th. All payments are made in USD.”

“If the revenue that you’ve earned in one month doesn’t meet this threshold, then the payment is deferred until the next payment cycle. We reserve the right to cancel accumulated revenue if it has not reached the threshold for six months. See our Terms and Conditions for more information on this.”

hahaha, good luck with network like this :smiley:

Does it mean it will take out all of our revenue if it has not reached the threshold for six months?

hahaha… good luck man :smiley:

No, we will not take your revenue. Usually when an account has not earned more than $100 after 6 months they are an inactive account that is no longer using our platform. We have always paid our app developers their payments in time.

Anyone with specific experiences?