Mobilecore VS. AppNext VS. AdMob - What are your Thoughts and Experiences?


I usually only use Admob, but after reading many threads here, many members are saying " you should never use only 1 network ", so I did a search to find the best alternatives to AdMob and I think they are Mobilecore and Appnext as I saw many postive reviews about them!

So my questions are :

  • Wich one do you prefer among them?
    -What are your Thoughts and Experiences?
    -Should I go with on of them? or I should Mediate them?
    -How can I mediate these 3 networks?
  • What ad format are you using from them? Interstitial, appwall …Ect?
    II really need answers for these questions, and maybe many members need them as well! Let’s share ou experience guys!

Hi Peatrex,

You should do some trial and error among the different networks to see which one gives you the best results.

We here at Widdit have a different approach with HomeBase SDK:

We are not an ad network and our SDK doesn’t collide nor interefere with any other network you currently have.

Two differences to what we do:

  1. We monetize your lockscreen, so there is no need to replace your current SDK.
  2. We do it by sending premium content and not banner and interstitials like other ad networks.

To learn more and give us a try, click here.



Hey there,

Let me start with this - I prefer Appnext. I’m also using admob, usually showing interstitials in a 50-50 ration between them. But I used to work a lot with MC. Mobile Core is also a solid company, with good service, decent results, easy SDK. Both companies have good support team… I think you can’t go wrong with both choices.

However… each developer has a somewaht different experience and results. So, if I were you, I would try both. Make sure you put them in the same location (otherwise you won’t be able to compare their results), preferably with a 50-50 ration (or 33-33-33 together with admob). Then you can not only compare eCPM’s but actual revenues.

Also, I wouldn’t use mediation, I don’t really like it. I’m doing it all by myself. Using Interstitial mostly (banners don’t make a lot of money, and mostly disturb users).

My 2 cents. But again, you are right to try both of them. Out of all the networks here, those are probably 2 of the better ones. I think most would agree with me.

Thanks for your very “helpful” reply!
how do you use multiple networks at the same time and having the ability to choose ratio? can you give me an idea?

I suggest you can try Mediation which will provide convenience and efficiency,as you see,our mediation includes Admob,Startapp,Mobfox and Chartboost,all in one SDK.
Maybe we are not the best,but the most suitable for you
good luck:D

Hi thewowser247, why did you abandon MobileCore and prefer AppNext now?

Very simple - Mobile Core made me less revenue. Not by much, but less. Then I found out they were not reporting all the impressions (I compared a lot of network to understand the eCPM issue better - see here) to get their eCPM increase.
So in the end I decided to stick to Appnext. I’m still using admob with most of my apps as well, and experimenting with Mobvista (which are not bad, actually).

But I’t doesn’t necessarily mean that Appnext will work best for any of you. Bottom line is - you have to test them.

I hope you meant helpful and not “helpful” (cause then you will be making fun of me).

Don’t understand the question… you mean how to get the 50-50 ration in the actual code?

Thanks for the answer. And yes, can not agree more that we have to test to find out what ad network suits for you every single app. Currently, I am still only using Admob since it has the largest inventory, I will have to find some other ad network since it still has little campaign on some countries.

actually I meant HELPFUL, for us “word” means somethign great and amazing and not fun making, However! yes i’m talking about the actual code, how do you do it?