Mobilecore very low ecpm

After upgrading from v1 to v1.1 my ecpm has dropped a lot
I am getting $0.4 ecpm
Anyone here experienced the same?

Did they already release the prod version?
I’m still using v1.1 beta

yeah they released it…

Yes. I’m also very disappointed with mobilecore ECPM. Between $0.21 and $0.40 for last few days.
What’s wrong with them?

From my experience in early years I reckon january and february is time for casual advertisers with limited budget who run short campaigns. This should cause very pronounced fluctuations in our eCPMs.

Actually the revenue was more than twice as good in January and February last year compared to this one.

Its been 4 weeks with mobilecore, the 1st 2 weeks mobilecore was really good but the last 2 weeks I have days with no revenue.

January eCPM: $2.47
February eCPM: $1.19

Last January I have around 1.8$ eCPM

For how long you’ve been using v1.1?

Last two days were specially good with 3$ eCPM, anyone notice the same? Before that was awful though

For around 10 days