MobileCore/Startapp Advertising

Hey Guys!
I just finished making a quick game using Stencyl, for Android. I am looking to advertise, but I have no idea how to integrate the ads into the game. Basically, I wish to show a MobileCore interstitial upon startup and every 10 deaths . Along with this I would also like to use StartApp’s banners.
I have no idea how to integrate them via Stencyl. Is there anyone here who can help me in return for Credit and Royalty? Do I need to publish the game before I use the app? I am really lost here. Can anyone(even company Reps) guide me step-by-step into doing this?
Thank you for your time! If you can help me out please contact me here through a private message, or on [email protected]
Thank you very much!
99 BIT

I’m sure that if you contact the said network’s support channels they will help you out!
You never have to publish the game before integrating ads, so don’t worry about that.

I’ll tag a StartApp rep to see if they’ll chime in here for you. (I can’t remember who reps for mobileCore on here) @CassidyStartApp