MobileCore Referral Problem?

Hello guys,

I have 3 referrals in MobileCore and I occasionally monitor the percentage of their impressions until the next level of bonus for me.
One of them was gradually increasing around 1% every 2-3 days towards the first prize of USD100. Last time I had checked it was at 10%.
Today I check and it is shown as 1% only. Seems it cannot be that it reached the first level and is now at 1% towards the next because I see Zero at Total Earned.
Is there some referral rule that I do not know, something which possibly triggers a “restart” in the impressions count towards the next prize?

Contact their support

Hello guys,

Do you know when I reach 1 million impression, both me and my friend received the next bonus (400USD) or only my friend (who I joined via his referral link) get the bonus?

Check referral section of mobilecore now there is unusual activity.

I am having that problem too. 90% progress towards $1000, but today become 10%. Did you find out what’s the problem?

After this thread I was contacted to my email from my account manager. She said that referral impressions are OK. I guess they had a problem with the percentages - however, if I were you, I would contact them at once. You are so near the first bonus, it is unfair to lose it.

By the way, mC is back. I had a nice little revenue surge yesterday and today and eCPM for the week jumped up to 2USD. I hope you all got some rise in your revenues too.

I’ve already contacted mine last night… Is your ref impressions/revenue back to normal?

From MobileCore

Hey Romel

I’m checking this as an urgent priority with my dev team, and will come back to you shortly.

What I can tell you with certainty, is that we never tamper with numbers – we do not physically have this ability. Perhaps there was a bug which didn’t pull data correctly, but before I jump to any conclusions, let me check this thoroughly with the team here and come back to you with an informed answer.



one of my friend was at 10 now at 7

Not really. When it went back to 1%, it started rising again from there, never returned to the previous percentage. Now it is around 20%.

EDIT: Now I am annoyed. It dropped to 10% today. I feel like keeping some shots from time to time.

One of my friend has 10% remaining to reach 5k$ bonus but now it droped to 80% and next bonus is 3.5k$

Reply from MobileCore:

Hi Romel

Early yesterday morning, our dev team discovered a bug in the way we had been counting your referred publishers statistics.

It means that for example; in Lxxxs Cxxxxxxo account, we had counted 2 x as many impressions as he had actually served, and this is why the bonus was much higher last week, than what you see this week.

I know this is really horrible news. If need be, I can show you data of his traffic, so you know what his real impression count was, you would notice that we had counted 2 x more impressions for each referred publisher account.

I’m sincerely sorry for the confusion that was caused.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I think this bug will give me more money… :slight_smile: I have already received the $3.5k bonus but now after the reset I am about to receive again another $3.5k bonus with 20% remaining impressions… hihi

same thing happened to my another friends on the list and there are 5 of them that I have already received $400 each before and now after the reset I’m about to receive again $400 from each of them with 30% remaining impressions… LOL

For me, it dropped from 80% to 40%. I am about to get $400 bonus!

Have you guys seen any improvement or got any news about the bug? My referral is stuck at 10% for weeks.

The reset is funny… Now I owe them 4100$ haha

I have referrals that I actually know them in person and I have been suspecting this bug before because when my friend got only around 500k+ impressions but I got the $400 ref bonus.

so actually the new numbers are the correct ones?

I have 13 referrals and all of them are 0% since forever, is that normal ?

yes… The actual number is correct

If you do not know them in person, you cannot be sure that they are really implementing mC in their apps.

yeah I know but you know 13 person and not any of them completed even 1%