Mobilecore payment

Has anyone got mobilecore payment for this week…

not yet. waiting for 1K :slight_smile:

Is your mobileCore revenue normal? Are you using the v1 SDK?

no mostly using old sdk. 15K impressions till now with V1. Old apps not updated with v1. Only new apps with V1.
But I haven’t got any crash reports from users in apps with V1. If u have not done it, get in touch with the Karen to enable video ads for u.


I thought video ads will be shown automatically… How do we earn with video ads? Do we earn per completed video?

not sure. just ping them to get it enabled. I had got following email when I started using V1

I would be glad to assist you in any matter, so you could contact me with this email or through Skype: karen.levy62

We noticed that you were not able to enable the videos when integrating the SDK.
Did you add the line which enables it in your app?

since we are still in the Beta test with the Video I should also enable it from our side.

People complaining about dropped ecpm rates on new sdk but mine increased, i am not using video ads just appwalls and stickies. No exit ads only entry ads.

Anyone got payment?

What do you guys put in “ACCOUNT NAME” in wire details?

Can anyone tell what are the mc fees for bank wire

Has anyone recieved mobilecore payment and invoice for this week…

I didn’t receive it

I didn’t too

I got my invoice yesterday but there is no any payment yet.

Just got payment, but no invoice

Not yet and no invoice

No invoice too. What’s happening?

Wrote to Karen yesterday and they sent me invoice


1k impressions = 0$ revenue

Is there anyone in the same situation?

I haven’t received invoice for last week either. Sometimes they just skip one week and wait till end of month… wouldn’t be unusual