Mobilecore no fill listener?

Is there a way to know when the interestial banner cannot be served?

I contacted them and they replied they’ve always a backup campain… but this is not true, sometimes they don’t show nothing…
In the docs i found only the READY event.

Any solution?

See which locations always serve an ad and then only show mobileCore ads for those locations, using other networks for the other locations your app is used in.

yup no ad network is complete to fulfill all needs. that’s a good work around

My app is distribuited in a single country…
My workaround at the moment is setting a 4sec timeout: [Java] public class MobilecoreFull implements CustomEventInterstitial { private Act -

I did that once, start a listener to show an ad, then call isOfferwallReady() => show ad, if not (it means it is not filled) show another network.
I wish you understood the logic ) just don’t have that code with me, have changed some time ago

this is exactly what is doing the code in the pastebin above