mobileCore Low eCPM!

I am experiencing low eCPM with mobileCore recently. My eCPM now is around $0.3 to $0.5. Is anyone experience such a low eCPM? How is your revenue with mC right now?

Very strong for me right now! How many impressions are you pushing?

Two of my apps have around 15000 impressions daily and usually get high eCPM, but recently the eCPM for those apps decreases like hell!

How we can increase eCPM ?Any Idea Fundev and A1ka1inE

There are reports that lots of ad networks experience this for the last few months. I’m guessing that has to do with the move from Android ID to Advertising ID - some of the ad networks lost their data and can’t target ads efficiently. Probably will take them some time to recover…

Admob also update their policy in Aug 2014. That’s why … there is huge difference in revenues.

What do you think ?

for some reason I do not trust their stats …

Here Airpush ECPM dropped a lot for last two days … hope it will recover soon

My CPM has not dropped below $2 with them for months and is regularly over $4.

As always CPM will be related to the countries you are getting your clicks in, if you are getting high clicks in countries that MobileCore has strong advertisement campaigns in you will get a good CPM.

My average CPM over all my apps for the last 28 days is $3.09 with Brazil generating me the most Impressions at 48,474 whilst getting a $4.52 CPM.

Also its best practice to acquire more users in the country where ecpm is high for your app/game

My impressions are mainly from a specific country that I used to get high eCPM for almost a year now. But now it turned out being very low! I used to get around $80 a day, but now I only get $8 daily. I cant believe it! :frowning:

I think we can increase by targeting the high paying countries such as US.

May I ask what country? I get great CPM in quite a few countries, what ad units are you using and what is your CTR like?

Country is - USA
CTR - 1.56%
In the month of July- Aug, it was 2.5%-3% but now its 1.56%
Many fluctuations

How I can make it more strong - ANy idea ?

What ad unit are you using? Interstitials? Stickiez? Slider? Also whats your average CPM for the last 7 days?

I’m only using interstitial from MobileCoreand I get around $40 - $60 a day for 15k - 19l impressions…

Average CPM - 1.25

Here is my mobileCoreearnings for today

romel_emperado, that’s a CTR of 6.6%
No idea how you do that, but think that’s very unusual.

When you calculate with a realistic CTR of 2% (which is also good) the eCPM is down to $0,6. That’s what I see from other networks like StartApp as well.

that is not unusual for me because my app is massaging app and most likely some clicks are accidental because they are much engage with the app daily…