MobileCore eCPM/earnings ridiculously low?

So I am using MobileCore and in past 2 weeks the eCPM and earnings have dropped a lot! Before eCPM used to be like 2~3$ but now not over 1$, anyone else having these problems with MobileCore?
Whats your eCPM these days?

Honestly my Interstitial eCPM with MobileCore has always been around 0.7$
Never had 2-3$ during the year or so I am using them.

BUT I use their interstitials only at App Exit and during some actions in the middle, while I guess using them at App Start would give better eCPM.

Take a couple of weeks too loose, they tell me they have lost some strong advertiser.
It shows a lot lowering eCPM depending on campaigns.
For me in the downturn to startapp it has been brutal and they give me the explanation is the same. We will not have ads. Or so they say clear …