MobileCore dropping from 4$ to 0.02$ eCpm

Hey guys,

Do you have any change in mobileCore eCpm for the last 20 days…My eCpm dropped from 4$ to 0.02$…this is happened to me before …3 months back I am having same eCpm now its happening again…hope it will recover soon…

Mine is 0.01

No big changes for me, eCPM on MobileCore can vary day to day but monthly eCPM is pretty stable, at least in my case (0.90$ with ExitAds)

What is MobileCore payment policy? I am using Adsota

MobileCore pays on 7 days basis if you earn more than 200$

Seems that it changed for new devs, up to 14 days. Read it somewhere in this forum.

MC changesd their payment term to Net15. Read on their page!

I received two consecutive invoices recently… Only for new accounts?

Long are the times when Mobilecore performed well for me. Now it’s always below $0.25 eCPM. The irony it’s that I can’t find any better for interstitials nowadays…

Appodeal is the best!!!