Mobilecore charged for $50 for Bank transfer

Hi all

Anyone suffered from the very big fee charged when receiving money via Bank Transfer from Mobilecore now?

I have been with mc for almost a year now, but the fee of wire transfer was like only $10 or $20 for amount under $500 before. However, now even for money around $230, they charged $50 out of it!! In addition to this, my local bank charged for $10 for commission fee, so I lost $60 already! :banghead::mad:

Anyone, please share your idea regarding this issue!

The same here.
They charged me 20$ and than my bank charged me another 10$.
That was last year maybe now they are charging 50$.

Time to look for another ad network.
I am getting like 0.4 Ecpm.
Any suggestions ?

I got $0.4 eCPM too, sometimes even 0.20

Which country are you from?

From Spain.

I sometimes has 0 fee and sometimes 20$ fee. In my case it must depend on amount of cash… For bigger amount like more than 700$ they take 20$ from me

mobileCore, the company itself, doesn’t charge anything for wire transfers. The fee paid is the SWIFT fee used for international transfers and it may vary between $10 and $50, depending on the amount.

Payments under $500 from mobileCore should be free of SWIFT fee. The rest of fees, as you said, are charged by your local bank(you may consider finding a bank with lower or no fees for incoming payments if you get regular and low payments like I do).

Use Paypal… then transfer to your bank from there.

But the amount of money is around $240 only

Paypal sucks! They are not available for all countries in the world! That is why I have to choose wire transfer.

I suggest you give a short call to your bank and ask about the fees for that specific transaction(the payment from mC), they should clarify it up for you.

I asked them today, and they said they charged only $10 as usual :frowning:

Pretty strange. I suggest you talking to your account manager. Tell him/her that you asked your bank and they said they only charge $10. Ask your account manager why there was such a high fee on such a low transfer.