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Mobile web and apps - same monetizaion, great results

I haven’t discussed this in this forum yet, but appnext has many media partners we currenty help monetizing their mobile web traffic.

If you own mobile traffic that you are currently under-monetizing (or not monetizing at all), just use our super easy API to show app offers in their. You can use a pop up, offerwall, or a simple interstitial to do so. And the implementation is super-easy.

As this is more targeted for app developers, I did not raise this issue so far. So, if you do have mobile web traffic - contact me and let’s get the ball rolling.

a bit offtopic - I have appnext in a few small apps and ecpm is good, integration super-easy (plus I love the fact that the only thing needed is placement-ID instead of developer-ids or custom package names, good for us with multiple accounts) - but - I’d love to get a tutorial, or an easy option to integrate regular banners (not popups/interstitials) into our apps. square banner dimension (same as popup) is fine, doesn’t have to be the little mobile banner dimension like admob. To be able to show it as part of xml layout or on top/bottom of layout, instead of as a pop up…

Hi Calavera,
Thanks for this feeback. As we don’t have banners thourgh SDK yet, there are 3 options:

  1. Create the banners via API. It’s not what the API was created for, so i’m not sure I reccomend it.
  2. Use our Tag. No SDK needed. That should work straight away, and I have the preper documentation.
  3. Wait for banners through SDK. That should be ready in April

I’d go with 2 or 3.
At any case, PM me or write me an email to [email protected]. I’ll guide you through the process.
TNX again!

Hi Jonathan,

When will your SDK support Basic4Android? I am really waiting for it!!

It’s ready! You can find a plugin there or just PM me to get it!

OMG! I didn’t know about this. Thanks you so much Jonathan :slight_smile: I have been waiting for this for so long :slight_smile: Really happy to hear that. I will PM you now.