Mobile Traffic Monetization

Hi, everyone, this is Batmobi, a mobile traffic monetization platform from China.

We have lightweight sdk of about 150k, and help publishers generate great revenues in IN, ID, BR, RU, KR, JP, TW and MX.
we are looking for publishers who need traffic monetization.

ad types

  1. banner 320x50

  2. medium banner 300x250

  3. interstitial 320x480

  4. native (1200x627)

  5. appwall

  6. video ad

US: $7-$11, BR: $1.5-$2, FR: $6-$10
DE: $5-$8, IN: $2.5-$4, ID: $1.5-$2
KR: $6.5-$8.5, TH: $1.2-$2.5, RU: $2.3-$2.8
TR: $0.6-$0.9, MY: $1.5-1.9

Developers we cooperate with:
Clean Master(500,000,000+ installs), Camera 360(100,000,000+ installs),360 Security(100,000,000+ installs),Video Show(100,000,000+ installs)
We also cooperate with other publishers with more than 100,000,000+ installations. Reply us and build a better business together.:o

If you are interested, contact: [email protected]