Mobile Traffic Monetization in Batmobi

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Here are tips for getting high eCPM in Batmobi (
Batmobi is a global traffic monetization platform, listing the top 10 ad networks in India, Southeast Asia and Latin America. We have lightweight SDK of about 150k, which complies with GDPR and Google Play policy.

Ad Types:

  1. banner 320x50
  2. medium banner 300x250
  3. interstitial 320x480
  4. native (1200x627)
  5. appwall
  6. rewarded video

High eCPM:
ID $1.5-$2.0 SEA $1.0-$1.6 IN $1.2-$1.8
US $6.0-$8.0 KR $2.0-$3.5 BR $1.2-$1.6

For developers who cooperate with Batmobi for the first time:
Apart from your monthly revenue, you can also get 25% more monthly revenues in the first two months for first cooperation.
For developers who recommend new developers:
You can get 10% of new developers’ monthly revenue as rewards in the first two months for successful recommendation.

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