Mobile Monetization on a case

Hi all,

first would like to say hi to all of forum members.
This is my first post and we like to become active member of forum.

I would like to start with active topic.

Can you please comment on our Mobile Banner Ads statistics?

We are using only banner at the moment and have refresh rate of banners on 30 seconds.

Requests: 16.846.998
Views: 7.767.624
Clicks: 46.808
CTR: 0,60%
Fill Rate: 46,11%
eCPM: 0,13 $
Revenue: 1023,97 $

Questions are:

  • we have high number of requests, shouldnt the revenue and eCPM be a lot higher
  • if we have so low number of fillrate (a lot of users, if we dont count USA, are from countries such as: Philippines, India, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia,…) which network should we combine with existing one
  • which network is the best to monetize clicks, not banner clicks which need some further action

Thank you for your feedback,

your app link?

Some comments/questions:

  1. Nice requests number
  2. What ad network is that?
  3. 0.13 eCPM is not bad for banner
  4. Implement a mediation so you can put other networks to get 100% fill rate
  5. Add Amazon Ads, they pay a lot for banners (like 0.80 eCPM) but have a very low fill rate (30% for USA/EU)
  6. 30s refresh is too frequent in my experience, I’d suggest 50-60s

$0.13 eCPM is FSCKING HORRIBLE for a 0.6% CTR.

Switch to Mopub, set up Marketplace with a $0.3 eCPM, add Amazon, Millennial Media, LeadBolt, Inmobi and Admob. Increase your refresh. You will triple your eCPM.

For South East Asia, I’m seeing a decent fillrate and eCPM with MobFox. Their also decent for Europe. My sample size is pretty small though, I don’t have much traffic there.

make your refresh rate 60 seconds and you will have 92% fill rate. lol

everything else has been suggested already really…

True, I didnt notice the CTR. My eCPM for banners is around $0.10 or less on AdMob, but my CTR is like 0.08% (it’s on a completely irrelevant and non-obtrusive area).

Thats weird tho, having such a high CTR with a 30s refresh rate.

thank you for the answer.

we are already using one of the mentioned monetization platforms mentioned by Mind in post #4.
Request numbers are growing on daily basis, so I need to select the right network to maximize the revenues in next months and next year.

How many different SDK`s have you integrated in one app. If you use for example Admob SDK, which networks you select for mediations?

Can you explain me please the connection between the eCPM rate and CTR, if you have for example CTR 0,9% or for example 0,09%?

I will give you more details and feedback in the this month as well and feedbacks from new networks when we test them.


If you want to know what CTR, CPI, CPC, eCPM are… go Google it.

Thanks for sarcasm Mind. Probably I can write this in some search engines, right? What do you think?

Just majority of monetization platforms did not tell us, what we usually get paid from banners.

We dont get pay directly for click (otherwise we would be get higher revenue from 45.000 clicks and over 16 millions impressions),
if they do not subscribe or download the app,
if there are just banner impressions its still different, etc…

Account managers can also block you cheap adds, give you ones with higher eCPM, etc… and all I need is some comments and directions, some of you can also use our stats and figure something.

Would still be grateful for any comments and what do you think from situation we are getting.

greatings to everybody

So for a new