Mobile App monetization

Hi Everyone,

I am connecting to some different developer forums to promote our new monetizing platform. And I want to introduce our company to you as an alternative to all the mobile monetization platforms that you may be using.

Kickads is a 100% mobile advertising agency. Our strongest geos are in Latin America since our biggest clients are in that Region. We are also connected to the biggest exchanges in the market in order to provide 100% fill rate and assure you are monetizing you inventory in the best way possible. We can give you access to the full Google Adexchange of advertisers, for this you have to get the Google SDK.

I am very interested on hearing from you and how we, as a company, help you get the most out of your traffic. Please get inside our website and shoot us a message and we can start collaborating with each one of you.

kickads . mobi / publishers


What are your payment terms?
What type of campaigns do you run?
What type of ad formats do you support?

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We pay Net 30, Via Pay Pal with no minimum and wire trasnfer with a minimum of 500USD. We have CPM, CPI and CPC campaigns. Mainly our direct advertisers are CPA. And we have the exchange campaigns that range on all those three.

We can run in app, mobile web and display banners. Interstitials for in app.

What type of inventory do you have?

  1. How much eCpm we can expect from you in Latin America

  2. Can you support 3rd party stores ( because we don’t trust some random network to use directly in Google play store these days)

  3. How many years you have been in this industry .


  1. Latin America ranges from 0,20 to 1 USD eCPM values. We can make it even higher depending on your inventory, formats, etc.

  2. Which store are you refering to? We can work with any kind of app as long it is legal content and also not invalid traffic.

  3. Kickads was born as a desktop agency 4 years ago, we transformed ourselves into 100% mobile 2 years ago.

Send me a Skype account or email where we can assing you a publisher manager so we can continue with the onboarding process.


  1. I think 0.20-1 $ is low for strongest geo’s …
  2. opera appstore,amazon,mobango,getjar all these app stores

We can work of floor prices you wish to achieve. Shoot me an email to [email protected] so we can start a test.