Mobile App Design/Redesign

Hello guys!
The design of mobile applications is my new passion.
I want to gain experience in this area.
I suggest making design / redesign of mobile applications and my skills as an artist.
I work in Photoshop 10+ years.
If you develop application, but you can’t design it - I will gladly help you.

Greetings! :slight_smile:

Looks like nice. I visited your web website there are many games? Did you make design of those all games?

Where is the website? Portfolio and price?

Hi all :slight_smile:

mariaandreson maybe it’s wrong site . My site is under construction. :slight_smile: I will upload my jobs one by one.

shuiwo the price is negotiable. Depends of many things, you know. But will be cheap, I promise! :wink:

UI design and redesign is a sweet job, especially when you like it and do it with passion. My advice would be to start with improving your site. This is the entry point for most relationships, the front-end of your business so to say. And the first impression is crucial for a partner to take a decision to work with you. Good luck!

Thank you sharpie ! This is my first site. I am so busy,but I will try to make it better. :slight_smile:

If you design apps like you designed your website I would say - no thanks.

Ok it’s under constuction so It’s not kind to judge yet. Let’s wait for final result:)