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Mobile ad Publishers with lower inventory

Yeah! You heard that right, “Mobile ad publishers with lower inventory.” Publishers with lower inventory, generally have their application rejected from many ad networks. The network I indulge with allows publishers with lower inventory to get started with ads on their platform.

Really? As far as I know most ad networks allow developers with low inventory to sgin up and create revenues. Which adnetwork doesn’t? Please share, it will be very helpful for a lot of developers here.

Well sorry for the post then. I saw somewhere written about publishers with lower inventory thought it was pointing this way. That is why made a post so that you all could sign up to a network that I knew.

Hi Amritmishra,

Have you given us at Airpush a try? We allow publishers of all sizes in our network.
Check out our interactive ad unit demo site here at Airpush Presentation
Shoot me a PM to chat further.


Just check the network you want to work with and you’ll be just fine. Each netwrok has its own rules, but most rules are shared by all networks.

Though I can’t speak for other ad networks, at Teads we currently prefer apps with mid to low volume as we are currently in beta testing phase. We are also compensating developers like yourself for your time upon successful integration. If you’d like to learn more about video ads, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected]