MobFox users: disappearing publisher balance??

Hi Guys

Does anyone here actually use MobFox?

Ever since I started using them (about 5 months ago now), I have a really strange problem. Every 10-14 days or so, my ‘publisher balance’ resets itself back to 0. I build up money, then it just goes.

I can run a report back 3 months (no more) and this will show money that has ‘disappeared’ but once 3 months passes, it’s gone. Seemingly forever.

This has been going on since I initally signed up with them. I’ve had a ticket open for month with their support and they’ve apologised and said it’s a ‘known prolblem with their system’ and that they are ‘looking into it’. However, nothing really seems to change and they don’t seem to be able to tell me my real balance. Only that I can run the aforementioned report to see money earned in the last 3 months.

However, all the time, I’m losing money - I’m earning next to nothing, but I’m hoping that will change as I get more installs / impressions, so I never get to the withdrawal threshold and I’ll never, it seems ever to get it.

So, my question - are other MobFox users experiencing this issue also? I can’t find anyone mentioning it on forums anywhere and I find that odd seeing as it’s a ‘known issue’.

Thanks all :confused:

I used to via Mopub server to server. I think they were pushing some shady ads about a year ago. I quit using them, but they DID pay me everthing that they owed.

I used it too, they did pay for every payments. However, the revenue generated is not competitive. What is the ad format you used? You should try other ad networks.