MOBFOX Payment Not yet Settled - So many follow ups and messages

Hi All,

Did any one received payment from MOBFOX for April 2014. My payment status shows PAID ON 11-July-2014, but still no money from my bank account, i verified from my bank end, they said there is no request pending or clearing issue from their side.

I am not sure about this Status. One of the Mobfox customer (in this forum) mentioned it will be in my bank account on 21-July-2014(Monday), but no money in my bank account


Hi, same here… but it stills show processing status for more than a month now. I don’t know what to do, if keep sending traffic or not.

Me too, I’m waiting payment from MobFox since 30 June. It’s almost 1 month now, I am going to leave them.