[Minimob-Update]: Active Install Fee

Hi to all,

As of today our rates per Active Install are the following:

For Google Play: $0,02
For External Market Places : $0,05
• 100% of the Advertising Revenue goes to App Developer

For any questions you may have dont hesitate to contact by PM/email/skype!


Ok you are extremly unproffesional company and this is outrageous!!! In this post Looking to increase your eCPM? - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android your official represent sad that rates of installs stay as it is untill the end of december 2013, and today is november 25th, so it isn’t evan end of november and you are cutting of the rates!!! I’m very disappointed and agen this is outrageous!!!

If you really have an account with us, you are already informed about the payout change. This thread is typical as to confirm the payouts change.

We do as much as we can to keep the payout as high as possible despite the low performance of the in app play traffic. We had to readjust our payouts to reality in order to be able to keep the fee for a much longer period.

I have an account with you, and I haven’t been informed about payout change, neither via e-mail or through dashbord. And again I’m very disappointed, the low performance of the in app play traffic is not an excuse to cut off rates before the end of december 2013 if you sad they woulden’t! You shouldn’t make promises that you can’t keep, that is a deception, and because of that I think you are unprofessional company.

In order to be able to provide still the highest rates, we should make the business work for every side. We are trying to keep our partners pleased, though we understand in some cases that cant be applied. So since we dont want to have our partners disappointed,i would understand your desicion to switch in another network due to the mentioned unprofessionalism from our side. In the meantime please provide me by PM with your account to check further whether you were informed from our end.

When the rate will be change? I don’t get noticed by email now.

Communication by email was done on 15/11 per account and accordingly any affiliate has been notified about the upcoming change.

I didn’t get your email either.

As said either you would receive our email or related info from the affiliate/s. In case either the one or the other didnt happened for some reason, we are here to confirm the current payouts replying to any related questions.

No need to check anything, that doesn’t solve any problem. I believe you will inform me soon.

Please post the upcoming change here again. We don’t receive email