Minimob Payments [NOV13]

Hi to all,

For November’s revenue, if we havent receive already your bank account details, please contact me by PM.

Thank you

Why do we need to PM you here on the forum? I have asked about payment details via the website but no one has answered me yet. I would think that the website should be able to get our payment details by email or somewhere else on the website, rather than having to come to a forum to do it. I am thinking that some people may have a problem giving bank details to a forum member who has been here for less than a month.

You will send them details to the email. I did. What I think he meant is that you contact him on PM to tell you how to send him bank details.

Website emailed me back and told me to send my bank details to Dimitri.

I have been with Minimob for more than 3 months and they have been consistent about payments, so far. The support provided by Dimitri is the icing on the cake. Yes, you have to send him the payment information, since payments comes through him, IMO.

Hi guys, important is that we have a minimum of 500 USD to make bank transfers.
All the payments are been handled from our finance dpt, but has to go through us in order to check if your data are correct and avoid any delays.
Dont hesitate also to add my colleague Gianni or me on Skype to support with your payment and discuss ways to increase further your revenues with us.

hi @Dimitri_Minimob
When should we expect the transfer given that I have sent you the invoice yesterday ?

@Pharaoh Its scheduled for today. Payment receipt will also be provided. Contact me also please by Skype.

Could you give us Gianni’s Skype login?

Thx Minimob ++ i have alredy recevied 6800 usd :slight_smile: