Minimob $0, 270 installs in Minimob Reports, 2000 installs in GP


I’m extremely dissatisfied with Minimob. I got Minimob $0, 270 installs in Minimob Reports, 2000 installs in Google Play. I mean WTF?

There is no support, no reply to any queries, and installing their sdk is such a headache. And what I get after all this? $0. Buh byeee Minimob!

yes me too had issues with their sdk. After that I didn’t even bother to go ahead with them.

And same case with Revmob also. Even its $0 with them. Only thing working is Admob, StartApp. I’m loving StartApp right now :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a shame, even small and unfamiliar networks are counting the installs a bit. But these retards don’t care about anything else. They are here to scam. Pathetic.

yes don’t even bother about revmob. Their reporting is top notch and almost live (kinda updates every 5 mins or so). But ad network performance is also dependent on our apps. Some networks may never work out for one app while other ad network may give excellent results. The key is to try out as many as possible before settling down on something which has good sdk, reporting and revenue and payment terms including payment method.

For me the network that are working well are admob, startapp, mobilecore, appflood and appnext. Having said that none of them may work for some other developer due to the nature of app and traffic geography.

For those looking to get a list of ad networks out there, see the following two sources which I use frequently:
List of Mobile Ad Networks - Making Money With Android Wiki
Ad networks - Android library statistics |

Hope that helps some fellow developer.

I suppose since you were in love with Startapp it makes sense to find everything problematic in Minimob.
Send me please by PM your app and account details to check your performance in our system. Best

I tried StartApp and Minimob same day after leaving Admob for good. No, they are not paying me to post Pro-StartApp posts here. I’ll pm you in the morning.

PM please your account in Minimob. Thx

Why is there such a great difference between the number of SDK installs compared to the number of paid installs, and is there anything that we can do to make the difference smaller?

After they change cash per download it works properly for few days. I have about 5% more installs on gp developer console than on minimob. But now it is this same situation. I have about 50% instals counted. I contact Dimitri before changes of install fee. Next day somebody from they support contact me and told that my lost installs are duplicated installs so they dont count them or user is not online. This things could be true but not for 50% of installs. Weird is that when they change fees they count normaly for few days…

You are lucky 50%?? I have 20% - and looking for new PPD network. Tried to investigate Appwiz but they pay 0.02$ for US user and 0.002$ for nonUS :). Tooooooo low. User has to accept EULA and you have to display their two ads… Mega lol.

So, no answers as to why the difference in the downloads or what, if anything can be done about it?

There is this guy who works for Minimob - Sovantzis Ioannis , skype : ioansov.

He can answer queries about installation difference.

By the way, just received my payments from Minimob. This is my 4th month of working with them and I have got my money on time every time.

You sure do post a lot about how you received payments from Minimob.

Are you insinuating that I work for Minimob?

Dude am an Indian in India and they are a foreign company. Check my post history. Leviteo introduced me to minimob 3 or 4 months ago.

How is your paid install rate verses rate of actual installs?

This is my rate with Minimob: Google Analytics / Total SDK installs / Paid Active SDK installs

32.230 / 26.453 / 7.766

These numbers are calculated for 6 days: 01-06.12.2013.

It looks like less than 25% of google installs are even counted as paid installs. Can anyone explain the reason for this?

Sorry for the delay of my reply, but i’m travelling alot, so i may not be able to reply directly. You can always contact my colleagues beside me on skype/email or our support.
For us to pay the fee means that we manage to serve and ad. In order not to serve an ad there are several reasons that this my occur and to some are already replied. It starts from a bad integration of our sdk in your apps to low fill rate in a specific country that you may have most of your traffic. Unlikely to most cases, we review each one case and we can discuss one by one your performance and discuss methods of improvement of your revenue. So, dont waste time posting, contact us. Drop those 2 lines on skype or email and you will get the answers for your account.
@A1ka1inE - Unlikely to other networks we dont have paid users in this forum to post for us. We can do it on our own. Also,it is not bad to get also good reviews especially in a period that you are looking to get paid.
@Bill, PM your account please
@ballada, we still have the higher payout. Appwiz is paying after two ads, because its getting difficult to break even the investment they make more likely. Market is adopting to the reality of the performance. GP traffic isnt performing for most advertisers which are looking for conversions. So unless, you arent a brand or you like to test frequently and have the budget to do so, the in app traffic nowdays isnt converting in the same rate as before as to keep up advertising.

So if for example an advertiser in the past was paying 100 clicks to get 2 conversions/installs/etc now he wants 500 clicks to get more or less the same result. Which means the advertiser will not pay upon cpc any more. The market will turn completely to CPI/CPA. CPI/CPA means that the buck you were getting in 100 clicks you will get it now likely on 500 clicks,which means a lower ecpm overall. Lower fill rate EVERYWHERE regarding GP in app traffic is something nobody can avoid. Because a cpc advertiser from the near past will try to get the same result like couple of months ago, he will not get it and he will drop advertising till he will find another way to get the result that he wants (=>CPI/CPA if he can support that operationally=>time).

The market has changed. Adopt quickly in the changes in order to make revenues or wait for your revenues to be eleminated.

My Best and always here to support

Dimitri, why when You decrase install fee for few days number of instalations was similar with number of instals on gp? It is weird, and it is not only may problem.