Millennial Media payment issues

We haven’t received two payments from Millennial Media in the row. Anyone using mMedia advertising network experiencing the same problem?
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Hmmmmmmmmmm that’s very wierd. I haven’t had any issues receiving payments from Millenial !

This month’s payment was delayed, but came through about a week ago for me.

Some time ago we have changed our payment method from paypal to wire transfer. Is it possible that it is somehow related?

No idea sorry, the best thing you can do is to send an e-mail to your Account Manager.

I’ve already did but haven’t got clear answer. Does anyone of you guys have chosen wire payment method? I’ve read that mMedia do their payouts after exceeding 500$ threshold. That would explain why they haven’t done their payment yet. On the console on the other hand it’s stated that the money have been withdrawn… ?