Millennial media hacked or what ?!

I have a website with mmedia ad.
Everything was fine till a couple of days ago.
I usually have about 20% fillrate.
Now I have the same fillrate by their statistics.But the strange is that now I’m always receiving ads.Actually it’s a 100% fillrate and that 80% difference is filled with a strange banner…
The banner says Guy Stuff (black and red) and leads to a strange website(no actual data in it,100% fake website).
I’ve tried with different locations and it’s all the same…
About 80% are filled with that banner and the rest 20% are normal banners.

I’ve tried to contact them but they are not responding.

Do you have the same problem with them ?!
Am I the only one who receive that fake banner ?!
Could it be my mmedia account hacked by someone or the problem is for all users ?!

They de-actived my account without reason. After several contact, a person sent me an email and ask for some details and then he disappeared. No response, no answer…what a poor support. They owned me $1.5k

I just saw that they are really going down on the stock market…
My today statistics are really wrong from the actual data !

Can someone recommend good web monetization company ?!