Millennial Media fill rate in China

I had just built some apps with mmedia ads and publish the apps in several app markets in China. I notice that the fill rate is extremely low(1.83%).
Is there anyway can I improve the fill rate??? such as set the mediation or change any settings.

My apps is built for China users. 1.83% is so unacceptable. If mmedia really not supported in china, then I will consider to change the ad network.

In China app Advertising is not allowed… No ad network can give you more fill rates.

above statement of mine might be wrong…thats why i edited it

At least I know Admob fill rate is high in china, I have use Admob also for some other apps. the fill rate is 99.7. (10799/10829)
I just don’t want to put all my apps in the same ad network account, that’s why I trying other ad network for my chinese apps.
I think some other ad network should be at least better than this 1.83% from mmedia.

Who says In China App Advertisement is not allowed?
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There is a lot of mobile ad company and app market in China. If mobile ad not allowed, nobody in China will develop mobile application. This is because China people seldom want to spend money on apps, not like in western country. China developer only can get revenue through advertisement.

Mobile ads are definitely allowed in China! At AppFlood (based in Beijing) we had a network-wide fill rate of 89.64% yesterday in China. Of course some apps do better or worse than that, but you certainly don’t have to settle for 1.83%.

we also published our apps on nokiaovi store, at nokia they dont publish apps in china if you put ads on it …saying ads are not allowed in china… i dont know about android or ios.
i apologize if i provide false information.