Millenial Media de-activate my account without any reason !


Is there anyone here facing with this issue ? Today, i open the dashboard and could not login, it said my account has been deactivated, no reason, no email notice…it look like a scam now.

They pay terrible also I tried them one time 700 imp and 0.20 EPCM . Go to Notifymob they pay every $25 and you will reach that fast.

They don’t even response to my feedback. Only automated answer email after several hours, not even a real person. They are ****ing scam, my ~ $1500 is almost gone. Stay away from this network.

Try in Google Chrome or another browser. They sometimes have login issues - maybe this is one? @Pixelpower - please don’t spam with notifymob in not related threads.

Its a bug in system, happened to me few time,
please try this
1)Remove all mmedia cookies (if possible all cookies)
2)if possible use chrome , mmedia does not work well with firefox,

if the issue is not with your account, it should open.