Mega Review Exchange

Hi Guyz :slight_smile:
kindly review my app with …

  1. G+
  2. 5 Star Ratings
  3. Positive Coment

I Have 3 apps to get reviewed … Review my First App if you dont have more then one application to be rated by me … other wise rate my 3 apps i’ll do the same for you … Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Done, G+ and 5* review for the firdt one “name : boukhari”
Please do the same for mine :


Rated 5* , G+ as rasti Hyxl

please do the same:

Reviewed with 5 stars as Silvio, please do the same for this App

and this app


done 5* g+ as crystal cookie can you do same for me


Hi, im reviewed(5*,review,G+) your apps my apps is (Robert Juhasz):


Done !! under the name “Shehroz Khan”

Every One …Done !! under the name “Shehroz Khan”
Thanks :slight_smile:

done by me 5 star