[MEGA REVIEW EXCHANGE ] Lets exchange reviews and get noticed

Hello everyone,

Rate my 2 apps below and reply with your rating and your app link and i will do the same for you.

Lets give each other some nice written 5 star reviews and help each other grow

Bounce Along Red Ball

Global World News 15,000 + news links

Done as benedetto,
Please do the same for my app :

Thank you very much. (which app did u do it for ? cant see it on them but that could be google lag , please let me know )

I also just did it on your app.
name: vick sarkis rating 5 stars : message amazing game , simple and addictive

Done, G+ and 5* review for the first one “name : boukhari”
Please do the same for mine :


Hi, im reviewed(5*,review,G+) your apps my apps is (Robert Juhasz):



Hello, i reviewed your app with 5 stars(G+ ofcourse).
Name: Ve Geta, Comment: “Great app works perfectly”
Here is my app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=biz.bsapps.funnycamprank
Please rate it.

Hi BsApps,
thanks for leaving the review for me.
I just left 1 for you also.
name : vick sarkis :
5 stars , review : " lol love this app, scared the crap out of my friends "

Sorry in the delay of my response but i just tried to rate your apps but they are not on the market or its a wrong url.

Done. Review + Rated with 5* + G+ …under name “Nadi Noda”…
5* and review,G+. plz do same for :

Done, rate it 5* and g+ed with name as “David Pescovitz”
Please help review my app, thanks!

voted!! pm sent :slight_smile:

waiting for your vote.