mediation plugin for my cordova app

I need a mediation plugin for my utility cordova app.
I have been researching for sometime and have look into appodeal and adincube.
I need a mediation that is lightweight (have cordova plugin with less than 1MB prefered because my app only 5MB) and no requirement of a certain amount of download before I can implement the mediation.
Unfortunately, both appodeal and adincube does not fulfill my requirement.

Any of you know a paid on time, good fill rate and decent ecpm mediation?
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One of the next platforms that Enhance® aims to support is Cordova.
We are hoping to roll out support within the next few weeks!

For now we offer some features using ZeroCode.

As far as your issue with the sdk size, thats going to be rough for mediation.
With Enhance® however, you could pick whichever networks fit your specifications and mediate them yourself through your Enhance dashboard.

For more info on Enhance®, follow the link :

Good luck!

Hey @bkcollection,

Mobfox has a great plugin for Cordova, weights less than 1MB,
No downloads requirements,
Great fill-rate from over 175 DSP’s connected to our exchange world-wide
And ofc - pays on time.

For more info please contact me at:
[email protected]
Skype: Shahaf MobFox