Mediation or not mediation....?

Hi all, I’m fairly new still to mobile advertising and have a (silly) question. I’d appreciate if someone could clear this up for me.

Mediation Adaptors

I currently use MobFox and what I’ve done is this:

Integrated MobFox SDK
integrated Google Play Services
Set up a custom event in my Mobfox Dashboard for AdMob.

Then, all I do specifically in my app is request ads via MobFox - Nothing else.

I’ve never used a ‘mediation adaptor’ and I’ve never specifically setup mediation on my on AdMob account - only on my MobFox account.

MobFox recently told me I need to now include this AdMob Mediation adaptor, however after I told them that it was all working OK without it, they say that I didn’t need it. And from what they were saying, it sounds as though it’s only required when requesting AdMob ads and then falling back to MobFox.

So my confusion lies in what I’m actually doing - is it Mediation?

I ask because I’ve just signed up with InMobi and have asked them how I go about doing the same thing (Request Ad through InMobi, then fall back to AdMob), and the response I got was again to include the Admob Mediation Jar in my project and set mediation up on My AdMob account…

If anyone who could clear this confusion up it would be a great help. Cheers! :smiley:

I would say, the mediation will require your precious time? then don’t go with it ,but if only requires inform the network id, then… no discussion… I’m talking about experience… I have implemented MoPub with many many adaptors and revenue was always the same… the only benefit is to have a backup in case of ban of one of your main networks…