mCommerce to reach $108 billion by 2017 - next big thing.

Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone comes to check out the what we hope is the next big thing in mobile monetization - mobiMicro. We’re the first mobile ‘product’ network. Working with some of the top merchants like Amazon, eBay, Target, and more to showcase their product lines to active mobile app users.

We charge our merchant partners a Cost Per Click which we then share back with our publisher partners. With thousands of products within our database, no matter the app, we have something your fans will love.

Here are some points to help:
[li]20% of all Daily Active Users interact with our widget/listings[/li][li]3% Click through to view a product[/li][li]We do not take any revenue away from your existing banner revenue - everything we earn is in addition![/li][li]15 minutes is all it takes to complete our SDK implementation[/li][/ul]

Please come to Our Site to learn more and I hope you sign up today so we can help you get started.

Wonny Lee

Here’s the study by eMarketer for all those interested: Smartphones, Tablets Drive Faster Growth in Ecommerce Sales - eMarketer


Closing out December numbers and 2013 - we’ve reached new heights in reaching 2 million active users per month serving over 15,000 products on a daily basis. We’re really looking to expand tremendously in the upcoming weeks so please reach out to get started!