mC devs: Cross-Promo tool is available in your dashboard

Hey guys,
Letting you know we’ve launched our Cross-promo tool yesterday.

Long story short:
The mobileCore cross-promotion tool let you use up to 25% of your traffic with our SDK for promoting your apps in our app-wall.
The main idea is to provide a solution for both monetization and distribution for your Android apps.

You only show your own apps or paying ads with no obligation to a traffic share with other developers using cross promotion.

It’s super intuitive, you should try :slight_smile:



It’s free

I really like this feature

Will test it out, once I have a 2nd app.

mobilecore : do you still have the 100$ bonus for new registrations?

i forgot my password and it seems like “forgot password” link is not sending any email to reset the password

@mobileCore, I had sent a PM to you and you never replied. Am i wasting traffic with you guys?

Hi, yes we do. please contact your account manager once reaching 100K impressions

Thanks for notifying, i’ll let the web-developer know.
Please send me a PM with your account details on mC, and I’ll manually reset your password.


Hey buddy, “never replied” ? it’s been 48 hours, give us a second :slight_smile:
Anyway, I answered you - check your inbox.


i had contacted via contact form of your website and i received email today from my account manager , he has already reset my password.
i got my password in my email. thanks