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My name is Sumin and I am from, one of the worlds fastest growing ad network for apps. The reason I’m reaching out to you is we have a lot of demand from our advertisers to advertise on your website/app. Here’s why publishers are partnering with us:

  1. We can help you monetize both websites & mobile apps.
  2. These unique ad units are not just your standard 728x90 / 300x250 / 320x50 units and thus do not affect your existing revenue stream. Think INCREMENTAL revenue!
  3. Our publishers enjoy above average CPM ( > $2 eCPM) and fill rates ( > 95%).

Please let me know if you are interested and I can assist you in setting up your account.

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What does it mean?
You will be charged 30% for every withdrawal you make.

I signed up I get 2k unique users a day to my website all android users will go with my adsense

SDK not working I get this error here when setting up SDK

The constructor InterstitialAd(Context, int) is undefined

let me know when you fix your sdk and I will try it out again

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We will fix the problem and let you know as soon as possible.:slight_smile:


It’s mean you will be receive 70% payment for every withdrawal you make.

Why I only receive 70%? I don’t see any ad network do the same.
P.S: I tried your ad in my website, 617 impressions but zero click!

The constructor signature should be InterstitialAd(Context context, String space_id)

Most ad networks take over 50% cut, appzilo gives you full 100% earnings and you can use those earnings to advertise or withdraw your funds, 30% isn’t that much they need to be paid too they cant work for free.

I am actually using appFireworks from leadbolt sdk and injecting the html5 code using appfireworks adModule it works great that way.

Great ! Glad it works now :):slight_smile:

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