Marketing your app with video marketing

Hey guys, I’m a YouTuber who plays mobile games and I’m looking for developers that would be interested in having a video created for their games. The only catch is that I ask you to use the video in your Google Play listing, that way you’re helping me promote my videos and I’m helping you promote your game, it’s a win-win situation. I ask that you have 50k+ real installs for this, otherwise I know that the video won’t get many views (I have tested this with other games).

If you don’t have 50k installs, I still might be interested in working with you I often get emails from developers who want me to play their games. In most cases their games are very small, some have less than ten installs. I have been thinking about how I can help you guys out too, and my solution is pretty simple, if you are willing to pay for advertising the video I will create the video for you and setup all the advertisements/do all the work. The minimum that I ask for in this case is $50 which should be able to get us 500-1,000 real views (plus views from my subscribers), this helps me because it will help promote my channel and it helps you because it helps promote your games. These views are 100% real, from Google Adwords. I don’t need fake views and I don’t think you do either.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think, I’m open to hearing any and all suggestions. If you want to see my YouTube channel and videos that I’ve made for other developers feel free to pm me and I’ll send you all the info. Lastly, this is a bit obvious but I will have to approve the game first, if your games are all bad re-skins I’m not interested in promoting them to my audience. On the other hand if you have a sweet game without many installs I would love to help.

Whats your youtube account so I can check out your videos . Also do you review only new styled games or do you do games that have a vintage retro flair?

What’s your subscriber count?

Sorry for the late response, forgot to check the thread earlier. I’ve pm’d you both a link to my channel so you can see for yourselves. I don’t have a preferred graphic style, I play all games as long as they aren’t completely terrible.

PM me too, link to your channel. Thanks.


do pm me your channel, looking forward to it.

Please PM me your channel. By the way, I see no reason not to submit it publicly…

I pm’d everyone who requested a link.

Please pm your channel so I can take a look

Just sent you a message as well. I’m interested in taking a look.

PM your link also

PM me too please.

Pm the channel

He did not log in since almost two weeks. And he sent invalid youtube channel link to me. I don’t think its a valid option :slight_smile:

Im also interested. Please send me a link to your channel.

I am interested please let me know the details

please pm me your channel, thanks.

pm me your channel please :slight_smile:
my FB:

Please PM me your channel