Marketing strategies

What kind of the best marketing strategies of an android apps?

The game plan is very simple: just get a burst of installs > get charted > then you can get organic installs which further keep you charted and draw extra installs.

Free Methods:

  1. ask for review exchanges (this forum provides such a service)
  2. post on forums, e.g. Reddit (can draw you 10-100 downloads in a few days, not a lot but every single install counts)
  3. ask your friends to download and give reviews (easily draw 10-100 downloads)

Paid Methods

  1. Facebook ads - easily draw a few hundreds per day with below $1 per install
  2. ayet studios/ App2top - check my signature
  3. Appbrain - easily a few hundreds per day at $0.2-0.3 per install

good luck!

Thank you, I’ll start with the Free Methods and the Facebook Ads first on my brand new (and first!) app.

you’re welcome man! Good luck!


Im working at [app marketing agency]( and noticed that app developers dont use content to promote their app. This is free and can be done quite easily - and it can increase the efficiency of paid marketing greatly. Here is detailed guide I wrote on how to promote mobile app with content: 7 Detailed Steps for Marketing Your Mobile App Launch with Content | Outbrain

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Whatsapp Bulk Messaging

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Whats Can We do For You ?

1) Send 30’000 whatsapp test messages with in just 2 hours or less
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Short code SMS bulk messaging

1) One way communication
2) Able to include hyperlink in message content to redict recipient to your website or google form
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4) Limitation 160 characters in one text message
5) Anywhere MYR0.06 to MYR0.10, based on purchase quantity

Facebook bulk messaging

1) Can target by group or interest and send it directly to the group member inbox category
2) No need database required
3) As you may aim on which are the leads or prospect that might be interested in your product by group
4) Anywhere MYR0.065 to MYR0.08, based on purchase quantity

Wechat Marketing with two type solutions

1)Create a own Wechat Official Account
2) Provided content or template by your side and provided our technician to guide you how to use
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Wechat Auto Invitation

1) Provided technician training to guide you how to use
2) 300 invitations for each devices per day
3) Send around 200 invitation per hour
4) Account provided by your side
5) More than 5 devices purchasing, Able to negotiate.

Database Marketing

  1. If you know who you want to market to, you have a more efficient way of reaching them
  2. Target by Age, Gender, Location, Races, Business Owner, End Consumer
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I hear that If I bought paid installs or reviews from any of websites like App2top or somewhare else, my app will be suspended by google as these installs are from fake google accounts and also it disappears after couple of days!

not true, just do Google yourself and you cannot even find a single case of suspension

if this is true, does it mean you can get some paid installs for your enemy to get them banned?

Some companies do use fake accounts / bots to drive installs. These companies will definitely get your app banned.

On the other hand App2top, ChartRule and few others use their own apps with real users to drive installs.
Do your research before committing.

Good luck :slight_smile:

yes, not to forget ayet and waypedia

Hi, guys!
I will introduce the methods of app marketing, which include free promotion and paid promotion:

Free promotion:

(1)social media: you can advertise your app in some social media, like Facebook,Instagram. Adding some friends about app developer to share the experience and idea with them. Of course, you can reply relevant post in some forum to advertise your app, remembering put your app link in your reply.

(2)content marking: by writing blogs and essays to introduce your app, raising the publicity of your app.
(3)cross promotion: if you have published more app that received good responses, you can use the platform completely to advertise your app, because the potential audiences are the precious resources for your new app.

(4) special website: you can put your app on some special websites, like classified sites and review sites. The installs will increased when audience browsing these websites.

(5) exchange reviews: you can put your app link on some relevant forums to advertise your app, finding the post about app developer and exchange positive reviews and ratings with them.

(6)invite friends and relatives: you can invite your friends and relatives to install your app, then they will share it with their friends and relatives, which is an effective way to increase the exposure rate of your app.

Paid promotion:

(1) advertising:
inviting some popular stars and bloggers to advertise your app
publish some news and advertisements directly to popularize your app
put the video of your app on websites to advertise your app

(2)app store optimization:
do keywords research: the quality of keywords affects your app ranking. However, promoting the quality of keywords is a tough task, including the relevance, competitive, localization and plural. So, it is necessary to optimize your keywords using some effective ways. If you have enough budget, you can buy keywords search installs to promote the search ranking of your app.

ratings and reviews:audience would like to choose one app with more positive reviews, indeed, the reviews also influence the installs of your app. So, you can buy some good ratings and positive reviews from a reliable app ratings and reviews provider to promote your app.

Wish these tips will be useful, good luck!

Incoming data:
Cleaner app on Google play.
Downloads – less than 500k.
Rating – 4,2
Monthly revenue — less than 4k USD

  1. Increase number of downloads up to 1-1,5 ml
  2. Increase rating over 4,5
  3. Increase revenue over 5k USD monthly
    Key milestones for the strategy:
  4. Make the app stand next to closest competitor.
  5. Increase search ranking to pos. 1-15
  6. Increase revenue from In-App purchases and ads
    What’s been done.
  7. ASO made. provided descriptions, icon sketches and title suggestions. Title was changed, icon redone. Main target was US, for future Ad-network connection.
    Result: US Share of users increased from 7% to 18%. App rank moved from 139 to 58 pos. in search for “Cleaner”. Spent 250 USD.
  8. Boost in rankings. First round required 3k incent installs by keyword. Thanks to for a discount, cost 3000 x 0,9 = $270. Second round 5k installs x 0,09 = $450. Third round, simple installs for organic uplift in US, 9k installs x 0,05 = $450.
    Result: pos. 1 in search for “Just cleaner”, Pos. 7 in search for “Cleaner” “Memory Boost” “Memory clean” “Phone boost” etc.
    Organic uplift brought more than 15k new US users in 1st week, and more than 25k in second week after boost. Rating increased to 4,5.
    Spent 1170 USD. Each new user cost $0,03.
  9. Second changes for icons and screenshots, improvement of description. Spent $180. Organic uplift +19%. Reduce of file size. Result: achieved 1mln downloads.
  10. Supporting the pos. in rankings with incent installs (10k x 0,09 = $ 900). Including SDK from with more than 20 ad-networks in waterfall mode. Result: revenue from ads got over 10k USD monthly.
    Total results:
    Total downloads over 3,5 mln.
    Rating over 4,5
    US users + 11%
    Worldwide users + 600%
    Revenue increase +250%
    The app stands next to it’s competitor by cheetah mobile, the ranking is 1-14 in any relevant search.
    Total budget $ 2500. New user cost $0,0008 (!).
    Time spent 9 months.
    Current stats of app on Google play:
    Source for incent installs:
    Source for ASO and organic uplift boost: