Marketing apps through websites

Hey guys,

Does anyone here know a good website builder/designer to make a really simple website? I’m trying to add a web page for each of my apps and the builders i tried using untill now are very bad and don’t function properly.

Thanks !

A text editor to write HTML :slight_smile:

I was trying that but the problem is; the website needs to be compatible and fit the screen size of phones AND desktop/laptop…

Ah right! I’m not sure. I use HTML because it’s fast, and I assume that people can workout what they want to see - and as for the idiots, they’ll work it out too.

Haha I see what you mean.
However, if you want an appealing website then I think you should download Adobe Dreamweaver. I have the CC version and followed a couple of tutorials and now i’m able to adjust the website layout for Desktop and mobile phones ! :slight_smile: Let me know if you need help doing it.

Just use wordpress template.

I was checking out some other templates but they were unpleasantly hard to modify and obtain what I wanted. I will check out WordPress templates if I get into trouble.

Here’s my website:
notice the different layout on desktop and phones (portrait and landscape) :slight_smile:

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