Marketing a free Live Wallpaper

I have a free Live Wallpaper on GooglePlay with decent number of downloads, but the earnings are bad. I’m just showing a banner ad in the settings and I’m getting only a few cents a day.
I can’t offer a paid version, because my country is not supported by Google.
What is the best marketing method?

The following may work:
show inters. on entering and exit of settings. add IAP to remove ads.

Did you use some kind of live wallpaper creator software? If yes, make 100 more such wallpapers to boost your total earnings.

I might show interstitial ads. In app purchases are not an option, because like I said, merchant account is not supported in my coutry.
No I made it from scratch.

Out of curiosity, how many downloads do you get per day, and whats your total download #?

I got a live wallpaper too and thought about monetizing with ads, but I think live wallpapers are not really a good place for ads.

My plan: Add an inapp purchase for extended features. I’m sure this will work out better than any ad.

we will be releasing web software soon has appwalls and banners inside on settings screen and applaunch screen. I made about 200 lwp’s already and making 200-300 a day now on Airpush, I haven’t made any revmob ones yet, but user can choose between revmob or airpush or can stack both.


@DroidGenie, what will settings screen contain. My guess is “Rate me” and “Share me” buttons?

banner ads, appwall ad, settings will be frames per second, image size adjustments

waiting for your service to go live