Marble logic game - help !

So it’s been month and still have not had any downloads, I figure there must be something horribly wrong. I have been following this forum for quite a while and I know there are some real smart folks here. Any insight of where I went wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Anyhow here is a link to my game, it’s a puzzle unique puzzle game, think it might be fairly challenging but I really don’t know as no one is trying it.

Thanks for looking:


Use title and description which is already being searched for. You are not doing an innovation with your game as Angry birds did. Just rely on whatever already works.

My opinion / feedbacks:

  • Runs without error, ads appear on the top.
  • It’s better to put sublevel number in 4x4 blocks when choosing sublevel.
  • User interface is a bit awkward, no button to return to the menu (I use smartphone, not tablet), so I use “Back” function from device.
  • Gray area in the bottom is not necessary, you can place navigation button without that area so you can use the entire screen for the game.
  • A little difficult to move marble or blocks.
  • When first playing, I think the perspective is from top/above but apparently is from the side so I can’t move the marble in up direction.
  • Sublevel 1-2 is too hard for new users.
  • The title is too long, I think “Marble Logic” is more than enough, maybe you can use a unique title like “Marblez” or something else.

I tried on ZTE V970M, Android 4.1.1.

Work on your in-game graphics. The screenshots are not very appealing.

Either go for a highly abstract, minimalist look like “Dots”, or a cartoon look, or a highly polished realistic look. You’re not being stylistically consistent. Even though it’s a puzzle game, good graphics are important for the first impression. When users see poor screenshots, they will automatically assume the game is bad and not even download it.

Thanks guys for all your feedback, time to go back and do some more coding/drawing.