making money in China is easy

Dear developer

I’m Alex from App2china. We are a stratup company base in Florida, USA, we provide services to bring international Android apps into Chinese app stores( there are no Google Play in China, each store require application separately ). Since we are building our client base and testing our website, we would like to offer you our premium plan (price at $299) only $1 (to test our payment system) for 90 days, we will not collect your billing information and you can cancel the service anytime. Please go to our website and register for free

We will help you with translation, modification if needed, distribute and promote your app in Chinese app stores. We will also provide you with analyst report every month

There are 400 million android users in China waiting for your app!!

Even if you not interesting in our service, more than happy making more friends here

P.S Currently our platform does not support gaming apps and paid apps

Hell yea, thats exactly the service I was looking for :slight_smile:

Hi toxic
Just change premium plan to $1, any question just PM me, hope Chinese users like your app !!

Tried opening
Its blank on my phone.

Could you please spend some time elaborating what is exact procedure to publish app in china via your site.
Starting from publishing content to tracking etc. ??

Hi gcc

Thanks for all your advice and help

We didn’t do responsive design on our website, that may be the reason it’s blank on your phone, but it’s no problem open on computer, we will redesign our website in future for sure

You can check our procedure from [App2China FAQs](, basically,  after you register our website,  you need fill out personal info and then pick up the plan( premium plan), and system will send you appkey and guideline how to 

integrate the analyst sdk to your app, we also highly recommend you integrate other service we recommend like push service, advertisement, social media share( no facebook and twitter ),then you can upload your app to our website

We will then start the reviewing process for your app, and notify you once it is published in China

Once your app successfully published in China, we will translate the user review for you, promote it through social media like wechat and weibo, and monitor the market and take action to remove potential knock offs of your app

if you have more question, feel free PM me or email me [email protected]


No. of Apps that are allowed to upload - 1 App(s) for premium plan? Does that mean we need to pay $1 for every single app?

Hi shuiwo

You correct, Our job not just submit your app to 10 biggest app stores, we will also translate the user review for you, promote it through social media, and monitor the market and take action to remove potential knock offs of your app

We still in test period, If you have more than 1 app, you can PM me, and i will customized a plan for you

May try this out

Hi xjoey20x
Your app look great, we are more than happy to assist you! PM me if need any help