Making money from users that DON'T come back

Its no secret that an average user retention of an app is about 20% (and that of a decent app too) :: source apptopia

What can we, as developers, do to make money from those 80% of users that downloaded the app and uninstalled it few days later?

It seems like smashing an “on launch” interstitial might take care of the averages and possibly bump the revenue up, but I don’t want to potentially piss off the users that I might retain over time. The retention might go even lower with “on launch” interstitials…


That’s why the PPD model worked/works so well. As long as that install happens you get paid.

For me its about using a strategic mix of networks in an app so that the revenue streams can really be optimized.
Its much harder to monetize the user that leaves quickly, but the ones that stay are monetized more efficiently and without compromising on the overall user experience.

There are lots of networks trying new things like mobiMicro’s in-app shop plugin or AppNext’s “e-mail the offer” ad option.

If you don’t/can’t use the risky PPD options available to monetize your non-loyal users, then focus on monetizing the ones that stay to the best level possible.

I’m currenty experimenting with one push every few days to “remind” them about my apps from . The test is ongoing, seems to be working for now

PPD networks require too many permissions. It is also very risky to use it inside an app. Unfortunately, after august changes it became a bit hard to use PPD networks.
Before startapp offers were one of the best…

I think is better to focus on create apps that make the user stay instead of finding ways to monetize players before they leave.

BTW, how is that 20% retention rate calculated?

I don’t like interstitials on launch because you’re basically encouraging users to install another app before they’ve tried yours. Most of them will ignore it and the ones who actually click an ad might change their mind about using your app, lowering your retention even more for the sake of a one extra impressions.

The question is, can you make a similar ADRPU from that 20% as you would by monetizing that extra 80% who uninstall (potentially at the cost of your rating and retention). For lower quality apps the answer is probably no so it would be best to use a combination of in-app and ppd networks like A1ka1inE suggested. For high quality apps you should focus more on getting users to return to your app regularly with less aggressive ads and IAPs if possible

Retention rate is calculated by dividing your total installs by active installs :wink:

I just feel like I am starting to squeeze every last penny from them and if I go any further, they will just uninstall the app! :slight_smile:

That AppNext “email the offer” options looks interesting, maybe I could segment those who uninstalled my app and send the email only to them? :slight_smile:

well see, if the user uninstalls your app then your pushes won’t go through. pushes are nice to re-engage the user, but what about making money from those who uninstalled your app?

I agree 100% with you. I dont want to throw off first time users with aggressive ads just so I can monetize the other 80% that uninstall the app. The answer is I can, but do I want to stress the 20% of my users at the expense of the other 80%, I would rather spam the hell out of the other 80% who will never return to try my app again anyway!

IS StartApp PPD google-compliant ? Is any PPD compliant now?

I think startapp, airpush, appgrade, and appwiz’s ppd units are compliant because their ppd units are in-app (except appgrade which downloads their widget from the market). Not so sure about appoptim or mobario even with the EULA. The only ppd units I would recommend are startapp and maybe airpush if people start reporting decent numbers. Appgrade’s rates are way too low, appoptim/mobario aren’t worth the risk, and appwiz was the most unprofessional and manipulative network I’ve ever worked with

I am bit scared to use any PPD networks that are technically in the gray area of “out of app” advertising. I’ve been doing some research on push notifications and I think its best for me to go with that since it turns out I CAN reach users that uninstalled my app with push…

Change in browser homepage is out of app and not in-app

Hey Toxic, good question.
There is a very basic way I use, it may not be the best, but it sounds good to me:
All the users : show an interstitial on exit (will not piss anyone because they got the content they were promised before hands)
The ones who come back : don’t show, or show less interstitial.
I am also reluctant to showing an interstitial right from the start. Users didn’t get yet what they were promised (icon, title, screenshots). Once they got that, you can show them some ads.
My 2 cents…

Isn’t it against Playstore policy?

appoptim New SDK is in-app completely, and we have added now also additional formats (banners, slide, interstitial, wall) SDK’s. We have added EULA as well.

Michael its obvious that you work for AppOptim, there’s no need for “they”. Just say “we”. Most networks have reps on here and that is a good thing, no matter what type of network you are running.


i am not hiding anything about that, i already post few thread on the behalf of appOptim (including yesterday). i have corrected the post to remove any doubt about it.


Hey Michael, I read in a different forum that appOptim SDK got a few developers banned. I’m quite shocked how you can continue to post on this forum and potentially hurt developers that are just trying to make an honest living without addressing that huge non-compliant issue. It’s a complete disservice to the individuals that help you keep food on the table as well.

Granted, I run a startup myself - but I would never do anything to jeopardize my own reputation. Please fix the issues within your SDK before posting and work to regain the trust!

Dear Wonnylee,

First of all i guess that owning a kind of competitive monetization solution makes your post objective and honest, i am not sure.

i have been talking to developers all the week and we invest in our support a lot of resources.
To be completely correct and not giving only a part of the picture as you do, appOptim has release an update of its SDK for more than two weeks now and has asked all this affiliates to update this SDK with the new one.
i would like to remind also that biggest networks had such kind of problem in the past and hundred thousand of developers still work with them.

If you read carefully the posts about all this issue in this forum and in other, and not only the one that you choose to remind, you will certainly see that developers did not have their account banned, but certain applications. Means that the apps can be republished with a light name change. the accounts have not been banned is also a proof that the SDK doesn’t have a big issue, and for certain developers that we checked our SDK was not the only problem.

Also, we provided all the week support and help to developers that needed in order to recover, and i must say also that most of the developers that had a problems, Installed our new SDK and already runs on the store.
You would ask why? We helped them, we provide a great tool and a great revenue source. But more than anything else we care about our affiliates, we are not leaving the ship if there is a problem, and i don’t think YOU will judge our reputation.

Now i will kindly recommend you to test our new SDK on some of the apps that are on the google play store right now, i am sure it will help you to at least learn about our great technology and the great team that is behind.
Don’t lose your time for posts that are not relevant and doesn’t bring any added value to this forum, I am sure as you run a start up you have a lot of more interesting things to do.