making few of the app features paid (Currently all are free). ALLOWED?

Is it allowed making few of the App features paid? currently all are free.
I checked a similar App which is charging for them. So i thought to make few $ by charging them.

kindly share some thoughts and suggestions on this.

It is. But accordin to newest policy you have to mention what features are paid it in the description.

Oki. I will change the description of the App accordingly.

In-app purchases to unlock functionality has worked for me.
Used to do the “free” crippled version and “Pro” full function version thing, maintaining two APKs… maintaining one APK with IAPs is much easier, and easier to direct your users to purchase/unlock features.
Has increased purchase revenue 5x using in-app purchases Vs Free & Pro versions for me.

Use pop up dialogs to remind users “Hey, want to unlock this feature??? it’s really cool… do it… → pay me money”

Just be mindful of minimum amounts for purchases ~$1… users will want value for money. They’re more likely to pay $1 to unlock all features than pay $1 for each feature.
Bundle thoughtfully :wink:

oki. great info.
I am thinking to charge the entire feature set for $4-5. won’t that work?

Also - give them an option to pay $100 for something - some will. I don’t know why, but they will.

Finally i set $1.99 for a set of 5 features.

$100? what for man !!!
why user will pay for nothing?
i mean what else could be there to charge for $100.
Have you tried something similar?
kindly share here.

Such options are bought by so called “whales” - people who have too much money and like to pay to win. It happens rarely, but it’s worth it I think.

aha ok. got it.
well i gave a option of “buy me a pizza” for $5 in my App.

Its been more than a month. only one user bought me pizza. that too on the first day when i added this option. nothing after that :mad::mad:

Holy Crap! I’d like to know how the “whales” thing goes, @gcc. Do share after you have it implemented.

[Edit] You could also appeal to the sympathetic side and say something like, “Help pay my electric bill this month” or something like that.[/Edit]

some wales are crazy, they will drop $1k/month on some games just to be cool. sometimes i think what a waste of time their life might be… but then I realize that if they drop $1k on something stupid like my game, what a waste of life I must be that I can’t afford that.

Pizza is more important and expensive for me than my electricity bill. moreover paying electricity bill is not in my hands. thats is done by my brother.

i am planning to add an option “buy me vodka” for $2.99

I am charging pizza for $4.99 and noone is doing it. only one pizza so far.i am starving to hell with that :smiley:

Maybe play to the whales ego with a $100 iap to get their name on the “App Supporters” credits page.