Make Huge money Using No Ad Networks in your apps and No Permissions

Sup Guys I got some good stats for you guys, Not bad for a 2 hour test on 1 app published on Opera.

This requires no permissions since you will be making your own banner ads.

Make yourself some banners for mini websites you will be making.

My test I did was for a little website talking about Education Degrees just a 2 paragraph site with some adsense ads at the top of the page and a few links at the bottom to other mini sites.

Made a cool banner for education degrees.

Place the banner in your layout and then have it point to your mini site.

Users click the banner and go to your minisite where there is good chance they might click an ad after reading your little site.

I already seeing people doing this and then advertising with airpush so they are paying for their clicks, since we make apps we don’t have to pay for clicks, we just make apps with our own banners in them.

This is how much I made in 2 hours with about 130 installs on my test app published to opera.


Drop me a private message and I will give you a list of top paying keywords so you can write about that subject on your minisites.

I will try this … anything to get more money :smiley:

what kind of ads are you putting on top of content? what size banners are they?

Sounds too good to be true? Anyone else tried it?

just regular text links from adsense and a mini article underneath the ads.

Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

There are plenty of apps that do this, the main problem is that you’re still attached somehow to Google(AdSense in this case) :slight_smile:

And currently your CTR is 18% which might raise a red flag. Also make sure your content is unique.

Overall it’s a good method, you can also publish some apps on the Play Market.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Hmmm idea is very good. will try this. :slight_smile:

i used to do this, you just make a mobile site with adsense, and use webview app, was doing it for almost 2 years till last month when i got an email from them says your account is terminated :frowning: was making good money with it method

18% CTR is usually a big no-no with admob, the norm is like 2-5% if i remember correctly. Great method thou, worth a try

for that page it might be a little high like 15 percent but I also have a website with lots of traffic so clickrates overall will be like 1 percent on the account as a whole.

I don’t think ctr will raise flags, just don’t put a 320x250 above the fold and you will be fine.

I actually googled some topics on mobile Adsense and a lot of people are getting good ctr and cpc from mobile versions of their sites, probably due to crazy tablet game budgets and no ad blockers on mobile browsers…

Not trying to be nasty, but Admob/Google will ban you for this. Google tracks every single referrer to your page and considering that all your traffic comes from single app, your account will be flagged in no time.

Do it at your risk.

I don’t see why Google would ban this. Your basically self promoting yourself like house banners. Unless the page is full of ads when only one is allowed

only has one text ad at top and text links at bottom and in article in the middle it is just like a normal website, only diference is I am advertising it in my apps, this is no diferent from people advertising through adwords, I am also down to a 5% click thru rate which is a more safe level.

At first I was thinking Google would ban your adsense account for traffic arbitrage, but now I think the opposite… I think this could actually work. If you think about it, you are promoting your content using apps, nothing shady about that. Same as promoting using Facebook or Twitter, or Craigslist…

The only problem I see with this is 1 page website made for adsense, that could raise some flags with Adsense people, a workaround would be to setup a mobile blog and publish those kinds of mini sites as articles/posts.

I dont think this warrants my time yet, but if someone here actually starts bringing decent cash from this, I would give it a shot.

It’s a quick way to get your account banned. You’re not supposed to display Adsense ads within apps.

Secondly, you’re not allowed to put ads in your software, e.g., if you control both a website with ads and an app that loads that website, we will take action against it.

That’s right, opening your website(containing Adsense ads) with a webview inside the app is forbidden. The only “safe” way is to open the website using out of app Android browser(default or Chrome maybe), but a lot of users would cancel this action when seeing the pop-up window asking to choose how to open the website :slight_smile:

That’s why I Have banners to take people outside of app to website, and I also have it open webbrowser to website when user exits the app, which is ok since apps will not be on google play only outside google. so far my few test apps are consitant at 15-20 bucks a day

How many test apps do you currently have and are they all on Opera?

You mentioned an example using a site about Education Degrees, so did you make a specific app about Education Degrees or was the app unrelated?