Make android mobile device as an NFC tag?

Hi guys, i’m kinda new to android development.

Does anyone of you guys knows a way to make our android mobile device as an NFC tag?

Your response is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t have idea about this one so I would not lie on this one but I Google things out and ends up over to a stackoverflow page you can have a look over it for answers:

According to it the answer is “no” or “with difficulty”, and this answer would change over time as the NFC API over Android evolves.

So basically there are 3 modes of NFR interaction:

  1. Reader-Writer: Here the device reads the tags and writes to them.

  2. Peer-to-peer: Here the device can read and pass back ndef messages. If the tag reader supports peer-to-peer mode, then the device could possibly act as a tag.

  3. Card-emulation mode: Here the device uses a secure element to emulate a smart card or other contact less device.