Maintaining revenue

Posting on all android/gamin forums I could find, also few bigger development forums where I had active/high ranked account, some friends of mine with popular facebook pages (like 80k likes) mentioned my game, this “marketing” required one week of work, after that we had enough daily downloads to quickly rank up in all categories, another good factor was the fact, that it took only few days to be #1 in countries like Poland and 1-5 in ex. Austria, I still do not have enough experience to be able to clearly say what move had biggest impact on so called success.

Thanks all for comments.

Thanks for answering. Looks like someone is trying to get a free ticket on your success.

Not cool.

I usually don’t see cheats/walk through apps wrong. But the guys just took the icon as it is. Using the youtube video link and images from the game. Too much for the play store. For a web page it would have gone un-noticed but not on play store.

Thank you for finding it out and letting me know, reported this “developer”, apparently he published two the same apps about my game, with slightly different UI textures (re-skinned) also he (or she, that`s what I could conclude after sending her message) is doing the same for many popular games, deer hunter etc, loading them full of ads, even with 2 admob banners on same page.

Anyway reported for using game content without permission, cheers.

Hope you get this sorted asap. Let us know how it goes.
I also reported this to google. Maybe more reports on it makes google notice this faster.

Edit: looks he/she has been removed already :slight_smile:

looks like the app is down. that was quick :slight_smile:

Yes, that was indeed quick. Anyway now bit more on topic, I am no longer in top new charts since 3 days, but all stats seems to be still growing, including revenue, we will see how long it will last.

thats great to hear. i am curious as if your dropped any rankings, its been a week since you’re out of top new free list?

Its like 13 days or something I guess, in some countries, I am still growing/or still am high (1-5) in some falling, download rate obviously fallen (from 220.000+ to 150.000 at max) but its still really good, currently having around 4.000.000 downloads (64% active)

But I do not think it will be like that for long time, competition from new games is to big nowadays, only top games can manage to stay high for months.

If you haven’t done it yet - publish it ASAP on as many other store as you can ( Amazon,Samsung, SlideMe) .Congratulations on your success Matthewek

I am in the middle of publishing on Amazon (had to wait to establish company, not to have tax problems) same goes about Samsung (cooperation with 100%Indies program)


Will publish on SlideMe.

This is a short list, i think there are over 100 stores now ( most are total crap but still a download is a download and you never know):
List of Android Appstores - One Platform Foundation

well at least you now have some cash to drop on sequels and new titles :slight_smile: congrats to you, just dont spend the cash on fancy cars like the rest of us :wink: the money can be “toxic”-ating

Hi Matthewek, congrats to you ! You have mentioned that you have established the company.
Did you set it up before you start writting you app/game or after you start earning money ? Are you a sole trader or a company ?

Hehe, I am not going to spend it on cars most likely, I am 19 so insurance would kill me (if I would be sure to have stable revenue it would be fine, but we never can be)

I just like to have more cash on my account, savings etc, feels more secure.

Also will make better and bigger sequel for sure, and will invest some in advertising.

Since few days, its a company (lower tax) and it has been established few days ago, could not be sure if I will earn much enough when I have been publishing it :stuck_out_tongue:

What tax rate is in Poland ? And another question is more a programmer question: What did you use as your game engine ? LibGDX, AndEngine, Unit3D ?

I’ll say the same thing i say to my non-developer/app business friends -i do what Google used to do - throw stuff at the wall and see what “sticks”. They had maybe hundreds if not thousand of projects, some worked, some didn’t. Just keep trying new things/apps/whatever and see what “sticks” - if it does - scale it up, bank and buy that fancy car:) Since you already have success you can try bigger and better things (a sequel, more promos, maybe iPhone version etc) - but leave some $$ in the bank for rainy days, just in case

I am from Poland, but currently living in UK (wanna go on uni next year)

Not sure what rate is in poland, but in UK its like 20% (up to 100k…latter higher, much higher)


Does andengine get a piece for making you rich :wink: Gotta love open source


I believe I gave a lot to the community, my blog teaching and-engine is visited by 20.000 developers :smiley:

By the way, there were better apps made with and-engine before me.