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1 AdMob 5077000
2 AirPush 1.0
3 Airpush Bundle 2 7.03
4 AppLift 4.0.0
5 AppNext 16.07.07
6 Eomobi In App 1.0.6
7 LeadBolt 6.4
8 MobileCore 0.9.4
9 Mobvista 2.1.3
10 Notify 1.1
11 RevMob 6.9.6
11 Samsung 1.0.1 <–samsung sdk injection for approval on samsung market.
12 StartApp 2.4.1
13 Tap for Tap 3.0.10

LOL livewallpaper generator with paid subscription, go people to:
-chupamobile or codecanyon and buy some template for eclipse
-learn it in 30 minutes
- - buy this if you are not programmer
-hire some Indian freelancer on to make one generator for you

If you don’t want ban in google, don’t use code from some paid generator, just make some solution for you by some friendly programmer, freelancer, etc. Google Bot probably knows this code and if somebody client from this paid solution get ban, expect chain ban.
Sorry DroidGenie

The ban from automatic app generator will come when the code is blacklisted by google. If the code is not blacklisted, you can publish it as many times as possible.

wow :wink:
One account ban caused this code can make chain ban, code will be blacklisted. Thats why buying code from mass sellers is not a good idea :wink:

ya that is true. If one app gets blacklisted, it will cause chained bans. Moreover we don’t know how this apk is getting generated, I mean the certificate to sign apk can also be blacklisted by google. Each certificate has a signature associated with it.

If this is the case then why is many andromo apps still thriving on Google Play.

livewallpapercreator requires eclipse import to add in ads, people with no programming skills don’t know how to do it, Also some people can not learn programming because it will not click with some people. I taught my wife to program and she caught on instantly. Taught my mother she had ahard time with it, made a few apps on her own but was very slow doing it and quickly forgot later. Also other people I tried teaching and it was not clicking at all with them. Our service is perfect for people who do not know how to code, and also a few lwps made on our site made by others have been banned due to copyright infringement but all my apps and other peoples apps are just fine.

You can make adfree apps with our service then upload the apk files to, contact [email protected] to have him set you up a login and you can have your own keystore file generated for you or upload your own keystore to resign your apk file after ad injection.

kudos for mentioning
Its great service and can work great with your service. With the excellent gifs, one can create wonderful lwp’s as DroidGenie you have created. Love your lwp’s man.

Can you also tell, which app stores accepting push ads?

Make payment and its still said package are not free.Please make payment.
Lost 29$ today…

No You didn’t, Your account is now active, there is a thing called Patience you happen to make a payment during server testing so it didn’t process properly. Site is back up and working and your payment was confirmed so we will fix your account right now.

thanks …
Working now.

I have purchasing Your Package for $ 49.95 Via Paypal, and the Status payment is Complete!
but i can’t create my app, all feature (create new app, forum, guide) still can’t be access!

always showing Popup Message:
package are not free please pay payment of this!

I’ve contacted your admin (Sara Carter) via email, but no response

please your feedback,


If you want to build more than just wallpapers, hit me up on PM. I have a site that produces Soundboards, Quiz Apps, Fan Apps, Cheat code, receipt apps etc. I don’t use Google play because let’s face it they are always looking for a reason to ban you… Hit me up on PM. IF not have a look: ???

hello sir,with their service we can make great live wallpaper.But you have to update your ad system because we have to integrate 360 banner ad unit in airpush bundle 2 till 18th november in all apps.So please update your ad system.
Without 360 ad unit there will be no bundle 2 payment.Its all that we got in 3rd party store…

i try using buy starte package but i dont see list for ad network startapp?

Dont use ads on first page click bonus button after you make the app to inject startapp from ads2lwp site.