Madvertise settings

Hi! I’m again here! hahaha

Well Im setting up the madvertise ads on my app, I’m reading the oficial documentation to install ( and I havent seen nothing about edit any activity (.java), only Manifest and xml files… but the example that come with the madadvertise sdk have any things about the madvertise ads, then… I guess that it doesn’t mandatory, true?

Any revelenat diference between these methods?

Edit: Ups! I got it! Thanks, Anyway I’m trying add ads to admob too, and I have a error with Admob, I put my code here:

    private AdView adView;//Admob
        adView = new AdView(this, AdSize.BANNER, "a14fca2bfd316d8" );
        LinearLayout lpublicidad = (LinearLayout)findViewById(;
        adView.loadAd(new AdRequest());

//public void onLoaded(boolean succeed, MadvertiseView madView) {
//My idea is on Madvertise failed, show AdMob, else show Madvertise

            if (succeed) {
            // ad loaded
            Log.d("MADVERTISE", "Ad successfully loaded");
            if (adView.getVisibility() == View.VISIBLE) {
        } else {
            // ad could not be loaded
            Log.w("MADVERTISE", "Ad could not be loaded");
            if (adView.getVisibility() == View.GONE) {

The error is:

06-02 18:02:00.190: E/AndroidRuntime(24508): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

And the app say “force quit” on start, I can open it :S

Finally I did this and all working now:

Thanks a lot!

So did you manage to get everything working? That StackOverflow article is right - you should put external libraries in the “libs” folder if you want to include them in your project.

@“Johannes Borchardt” has posted a good article about how to combine Madvertise with another ad network. Check it out at

Thanks! I saw his article :slight_smile: I think all workin now, but is possible that I ends using adwhirl or similar.

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