Made to the top 500 free new app list. Is that good?


My app has been in store for 3 days getting 150 downloads per day. Dont really know if its good or bad. I seen some new apps that have thousands of downloads in few days. So now i just discovered that browsing the Top new Free list i found my game somewhere around at 400 place (it wasnt there yesterday).

Since i am just a developer who does not know absolutely nothing about app store and market pormotion i would like to ask you, is getting into top 500 a good thing or is it normal and almost every new app ends there in that 30 day period?
I mean it has to be good, right? Because now the random browsers who are scanning this list might find my game and i get more daily downloads. Also i dont grasp this concept, but as i understand that this list might only be for my own country and since my country is very small one this top list does not matter at all. Is there any way i can check the US play store top 500 new games?

I really want to educate myself here and because i want to start making living.Finally releasing my game i have discovered this whole new world that i dont understand at all :slight_smile:

Any suggestions and help are greatly appreceated.


its a good sign and your game will for sure increase in rankings, try using , track your rankings there.
what engine are you using for game developing? are you putting ads to monetize or is there IAP ?

Thanks for the answer. I am using Unity engine. No IAP just admob.

top 500 is not really awesome if you want to make a living , usually top 100 games have got really good sales, if you manage about 1000-5000 downloads a day you might have a shot at reaching there, which is still not enough if you earn only through ads to be honest…

It’s a good sign, it’s probably only in your country though so don’t get too excited. The first 30 days are the most important marketing wise, so this is the time to push it as hard as you can.